Is this what he felt like, he wondered, when he grabbed my sleeve as I was going out the door? Is this what made him shove my face into the fridge? Did he feel this when he passed by my bedroom door? Was this what he fought every time he remembered I existed?


Before Sunrise (1995)


bright star (2009), jane campion

“As a gay man, I thought it would have been corrupt and inorganic not to deal with all forms of sexuality in the show - as I believe we try to deal with all iterations of what it is to be human, from the romantic to the psychosexual to the sexual to the horrific to the psychological to the theological. And I wanted to explore that in every conceivable way I could. I’ve been asked a lot, well is Ethan gay? Or bi? And what’s Dorian’s story? Is he just omnisexual? And the question to me is almost irrelevant, because I believe human beings behave in the moment in a way that is true for them. Let’s face it, it’s 2014, we can have people be true in a sexual way.”
— John Logan on Ethan and Dorian’s love scene (x)
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